Planned Worship Services Update




 Due to COVID concerns, our Ash Wednesday Service on February 17th at 7:00 pm will be a Parking Lot/Drive-Up Service. The Lenten Litany will be prayed, the appointed Scriptures read, and the ashes will be blessed. Then those who wish to receive ashes may drive up at that time. There will be no Communion that night, but Holy Communion will be celebrated on the following Sunday, the First Sunday In Lent. There will be no other midweek service until Holy Week.


Hello FLC family,

After prayerful consideration and careful review of the local Bradley County COVID-19 statistics there is a favorable downward trend in the critical numbers of affected persons. Assuming this trend continues downward, the Elders are preparing to resume ‚Äúin house‚ÄĚ worship services on Sunday October 18, 2020, The Festival of St. Luke, the Evangelist, excluding Sunday school. Keep in mind there will be specific criteria for those in attendance and also there will be alternatives for anyone who chooses not to enter the sanctuary at that time. We will communicate to all members very soon as to what the criteria will be. In the meantime, drive-through Service of the Sacrament will continue for Sunday, October 4th and 11th. The Elders ask that all of you continue to pray for the good health of members of First Lutheran and all our neighbors in Bradley County. ¬†

Board of Elders


Hello FLC family,

Below is a letter from Kert Stokes written September 22nd.

"Keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord." Romans 12:11

It can be tough at times to maintain a spiritual fervor, especially when 
we are unable to lean on one another while worshiping together. The 
support we gain while together under one roof is an important aspect of 
our traditional worship service. COVID-19 has forced us to rethink and 
alter our ability to worship together. The virus forced us to close our 
doors to traditional worship and provide an alternative by creating a 
drive-thru communion with taped sermons. This was not an easy decision 
to make. There were many dissenting opinions and tough discussions. 
Ultimately, our church leaders were forced to weigh the physical safety 
of the congregation and followed governmental guidelines. A considerable 
portion of our congregation can be placed in the high-risk category of 
this virus. This is not to be taken lightly. With a national death toll 
of nearly 200,000, we have seen several local churches where the virus 
has struck and spread like wildfire - leading to the deaths of church 
members. We have learned a considerable amount about this virus over the 
last few months. Each month our Elders meet with Pastor Seaton and 
discuss what options are best for our congregation. They weigh the 
current virus statistics for the nation and our local community. They 
also review guidelines issued by the Governor's Office and consider the 
sentiments of our congregation. Each month the Elders' decision is 
brought to the Church Council where it is discussed further. Everyone 
involved, the Elders, the Council and the Pastor take the issue very 
seriously. We all want to open the doors. We all want to worship 
together. We all want to ensure the safety of each of our congregant 
members. At this point I cannot guarantee when the doors will open 
again, only that we do not foresee the alternate worship schedule 
continuing indefinitely. I will say that we ask for your prayers. Pray 
for those with the burden of the heart, that God will allow the right 
decision, at the right time. Pray for our church. Pray that our members 
show support for the Elders and the Pastor during these difficult times. 
Pray that our members can rest in the assurance that our church is not 
just a building. As important as it is to worship together, the church 
consists of "a people belonging to God," - 1 Peter 2:9. I ask for your 
perseverance and your understanding."

May God bless you and keep you,

Kert Stokes

Congregation President



To all members of First Lutheran Church of Cleveland:

The Elder Board met last night, Tuesday, September 1st. After an 
extensive discussion it was decided to continue with no "in-house" 
services through the month of September, although drive-up communion 
service will continue at 11 a.m. each Sunday.

Governor Lee is to issue a statement by no later than 09-30-20 on his 
safety mandate for Tennessee communities. Also, by 9-3020 we will have 
more data to look at on the pace of new COVID cases in Bradley County. 
The last 4 weeks have shown a very slight trend downwards in the number 
of new cases, which is encouraging, but we could not agree that the 
current level is sufficiently low enough to open back up at this time.

The Elders will meet on Wednesday evening, the 30th, to look at the 
additional data and also see what Governor Lee proposes statewide. At 
that point we will vote again to see about the possibilities of opening 
up in October.

Lastly, we acknowledge that there is a wide range of feelings from our 
congregation as a whole on this specific subject. We do not take 
anyone's opinion lightly. Some of you would attend an in-house worship 
service tomorrow, others may wish to wait a year and others somewhere in 
between these ends. However, with prayerful consideration, the Elder 
Board has every intention of opening up in-house services as soon as we 
can do so with the mindset that we can do it safely. Please continue to 
pray for our church and other Christian churches in our community/world 
as we make our way back to worshipping in a manner as we all love to do!