Church Council - Officers & Boards COMBINED


Officers and the Chairman of Each Board meet once a month - 3rd Tuesday @ 7pm


Board  of Elders

meet first Tuesday @ 6:30 pm

Jerry Johnson Jr - Chairman

Eddie Armstrong

Mike Johnson

Robby Ray

Gilbert Scott

Jim Langdon


Board of Christian Outreach

meets via Internet and Email

Mike Johnson - Chairman

Chad Hamby

Wendy Tieck

Craig Pretzer

Richard Lapham

Board of Trustees

meet second Tuesday @ 7pm

Adam Behnen - Chairman

Josh Behnen

Gary Baird

Steve Kiebzak

Larry Postma

Brian Lichtenberg 


Board of Stewardship

meet second Tuesday @ 7pm

Carol Logan - Chairman



Board of  Christian Education

meet second Tuesday @ 6 pm

Dianna Johnson Chairman

Crystal Freiberg (VBS Coordinator)

Brian DeBord

Erin Fennell

Jack Fennell

Hailey Shealy

Megan Naquin



Board of Social Ministry

meet last Sunday @ 12:30pm

Debi Conner - Chairman

Linda Macy

Rachael Pierce

Christy Campbell

Kathy Behnen

Vicky Lichtenberg